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L Shape

L Shape


L Shaped foam.  Please enter the dimensions as outlined in the picture, choose your foam density and see the price in the box at the bottom.

Dimensions are in;
a (Thickness)
b (Width)
c (Front to back whole cushion)
d (Front to back at L)
e (Width of Lug)
Very Soft Foam (21 grade)Packaging/( Back Cushions ) ONLY
33h grade,Pale blue/medium/ Minimum for Seats
Tough Guy Chip 5, Yoga /Benches /Pews /Not Settees!
38h grade, dk blue/Firm/ Basic all round , Settees/Benches
Tougher Guy Chip 6, Yoga /Benches /Pews /Not Settees!
40S grade, Reflexion/Peach /Superior/Resilient/Perfect cushions
40H grade, grey/Reflexion Superior/Firmer than 400s
The Enforcer Chip 8 Not Settees! Church Kneelers !
Super Sandwich / Layers /Firm Centre/Soft top/Bottom/reversible
Mega Sandwich Layers Chip 'n' Reflex COMFORT For BIG People